The financial and business world has great challenges governed by foundations and standards for human and material resources, and we have in Egypt tremendous human powers and we are through our company we seek to make the best use of these energies by employing them in the right place so that you can create and innovate in their field by applying the latest management systems The international standards in quality and food toxicity are looking through them not only for local and regional expansion, but we also look to the world at all levels with a system, management and proliferation, keeping in mind our valuable values. And the principles on which we grew up that our great family established on them (the family of Tesco Express Egypt) with each of its members and we continue to strive to improve our performance and find the best and search for new opportunities to increase our activities inside and outside the Arab Republic of Egypt, so pray to God Almighty that Tesco continue Express Egypt her career and contribute to the prosperity of our national economy and promote the development of our children and our future society.

Mr. Wael Ramadan


There is no easy way when it comes to the issue of strong presence and competition, which always requires continuous work, patience and a lot of planning, investment and innovation to keep the development of the commercial and sales sector is not just a coincidence but as a result of the efforts of people working together as one team with clear and specific future plans in the short and long term.

Mr. Said Megahd

Business Director

Who we are?

We are determined to commit to developing and packaging the best groups of goods and products by choosing the best agricultural crops and grains to be unique and diverse.

Our Message

To provide reliable and distinguished products and services in our field in an economic manner with a focus on gaining the trust of our customers, employees and society through the effective performance of an industrial facility capable of development and growth.

Our Vision

We strive for our products to be the preferred choice for the consumer through our leadership in the targeted markets and our provision of distinguished products that gain everyone’s confidence by relying on the application of the best international standards and practices in product quality.

Our Values

Excellence in performance: We strive to achieve excellence in all the work we do
Staff Development: The company encourages continuous learning and employee development to the maximum extent
Team spirit: We work one hand to achieve our goals with utmost excellence.
To preserve toxicity: We apply the highest standards in the areas of toxicity, food safety, health preservation, and environmental protection.
Caring for leaders: We respect the opinions of our clients inside and outside the Arab Republic of Egypt to listen to them and offer our services with credibility, honor our promises, and respond to their demands.

Quality policy, food safety and the environment

Tesco Express Egypt, a leading company in the field of packaging, packaging and marketing of foodstuffs, always aims to ensure the quality of its products despite changes in the work environment and the technology used, as the company confirms that the quality of its products is the main driver of development, and therefore the company’s success in providing High-quality food products as a result of its commitment to the best international and local standards, and reflects its keenness to adopt the best quality systems and adherence to standards of food security, occupational safety and environmental management systems while merging them with various departments.
On this policy, the company developed and adopted a “Quality Management System”, in order to ensure that all products conform to the best food quality specifications and to ensure a safe and healthy work environment in accordance with the highest environmental standards recognized on the international scene.

Certificates of application of international standards

Where the company obtained the certificates of application of international standards in recognition of its commitment to packing and packaging foodstuffs in accordance with the highest production standards, taking into account all environmental dimensions of its activities, including:
HACCP System and International Standards (ISO 22000-2018) as an integrated FSMS system.
Quality Management System (ISO 9001-2015).
Occupational Safety and Health Management System (ISO 45001-2018).
Environmental Management System (ISO 14001-2015).
Accordingly, the company’s management decided to adhere to the requirements of these specifications and provide all means of support for application and maintain that with continuous development and improvement in order to achieve our highest goal to raise the efficiency of the human element and maximize its utilization to advance the wheel of progress in the industrial field and provide the greatest added value to advance the wheel of development.

Certificates of application of international standards

Our Team

Efficient and dedicated team work to provide the best products

We strive to satisfy our customers the satisfaction of our products, as we care about the quality of our food so that you can enjoy a unique and irresistible taste.

The company is packing and packing various varieties of foodstuffs that suit the Egyptian and Arab taste, as the company relied, from the beginning, primarily on the quality control of all of its products and for all production stages through:

The application of the standard specifications for the requirements of the Food Safety Authority.
The factory is built on an area of ​​1000 square meters, and it operates with a production capacity of 75 tons / day.
Providing the factory with modern and integrated production lines with the highest international standards approved in the field of machines and equipment for packing and packing foodstuffs from local and international approved sources.
The company works with technically specialized personnel in the field of packaging, packaging and marketing of foodstuffs, supported by administrators, executives and consultants.
The company has adopted a brand registered exclusively for it, which responds to consumer preferences and confidence and will be one of the secrets of our success, a brand – chef.

We have promised and fulfilled:

The best inputs from food and food commodities.
All production lines are subject to quality control and systematic procedures.
Automatic production lines.
Our products are untouched as the production process is fully automatic.
The best healthy, diverse and modern packages that are suitable to maintain the quality of the product and present it to commercial markets locally and abroad in a decent and competitive manner, taking into account the latest materials used environmentally and health and keeping the products in good condition until they reach the consumers.

We, with the quality of our products, the expertise and dedication of our employees, we will continue to expand in the local and international markets, and we will make Tesco Express Egypt one of the biggest names in the local and global markets.

#Picture From Our Factory

We apply the highest quality standards

Our Partners